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Dance Base Saturday Class now has a half hour Practica session to consolidate your Tango. I passionately believe Dance is a Practice you carry with you and to get Tango under your belt with true integrity, it takes quality Practice or ‘Practica’ time. This is where the Improvisation inherent in Authentic Argentine tango evolves as we take skills and moves we’ve learnt in class and decide which ones suit our style and personality as we discover our own dance. Where we hone the skills, so they become part of our experience and can flow easily without effort or thought. This is where at the end of class, you can practice anything you like at any level you like and get input from myself and or my terrific Assistant Niall Menzies, pictured here, who will always point you in my direction if need be. And we also offer occasional Deep Dives for the Practica hungry, where we look at how we practice as well as diving deeper in a small group.

It is a tried and tested format to learning Tango to have some Practica time post class and I am delighted that we are bringing that to you now in Edinburgh.

Dance: Argentine Tango
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Published: 9 Jan 2024 @ 14:26


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