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Hello fellow tango lovers and the tango curious. I am delighted to announce that our new Saturday Beginners – Improver class at Dance Base with me Ani Tchakmakdjian, is confirmed for 2023. It’s been a terrific first term and there’s space to welcome more of you into the fold in January as we continue to explore all you need to get yourself social dancing with confidence and ease.

I have enjoyed every moment of watching this lovely enthusiastic, friendly, supportive new group transform into Tango dancers. From intrepid first steps to preparing to adventure unto the many wonderful nights of Tango that Edinburgh has to offer, it is a treat. We have had a lot of fun and it’s still just the beginning of life with Tango. A huge thank you to each and every one of them for their energy in class, desire to connect to practice and those post class drinks with which we’ve got to know a little more about each other. The social connecting spirit of Tango is truly with us and we are keen to share. So if you are thinking of giving Tango a try, do come along and meet us all.

Having said that, we all know, that it doesn’t matter how much Tango experience you’ve had, it is that basic foundational technique that will, at the end of the day, make you and your partners dance experience qualitative. It puts the magic into the monumentally poetic system that is Tango dance. So we also welcome anyone who is keen to revisit and replenish. You can approach those principles from a different perspective, pick up bits and bobs to absorb into your practice to enhance the dancing experience.

For me personally it is a privilege to teach in that wonderful purpose built dance building, that is our National Dance Centre. Over the years it has been instrumental in supporting my work as a dancer and director of Elbow Room Dance Company, so it is wonderful to give back. In fact our present class has been in the very studio in which I began my Tango journey whilst in residency back in 2008 with a Tango Fusion project. So it’s a poignant full circle for me. I have quite literally been there, taking my first tentative Tango steps wrapping my head around how this extraordinary dance works and beginning to embody it and feel comfortable in it.

It is a joyous journey and I am thankful that it is a never ending one. As with any journey, it starts with just that one first step. So know that when you take the plunge with some excitement and perhaps trepidation, begin to climb the steps to reception at Dance Base, beyond the incredibly helpful smiling ladies there will be a warm group of welcoming dancers, who like you have not long taken that first step. They will be more than happy to support your introduction to Tango and embrace you into our group experience. It is the Tango way!

We meet on Saturdays at 3.30pm. To attend this is a Drop In Class or book to get a Course discount, contact the team at Dance Base on 0131 225 5525 or click on

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Published: 21 Dec 2023 @ 20:53


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