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There is something for everyone when it comes to learning Authentic Argentine Tango with Ani, from fun easy social beginners classes to challenging sessions for advanced dancers. Practica, Private Lessons and Special Guest Teacher events including Performances. Ani teaches this magical dance with all the passion, ease and attention to detail inherent in it’s beautiful connected nature in both Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Contact Ani if you would like her to work with your group.

“Ani is a stunning teacher.” Rob Reglinski

“patient and encouraging, she has a boundless and infectious enthusiasm for this intoxicating dance form. Don’t waste another minute. Start now.” Frank Edwards

“You helped me so much in such a short time” Tania visiting participant

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Open Level Tango Class Edinburgh

Event 366 | Argentine Tango, Tango Class | Class | Advanced, Improver, Role swap | 1 Project

Private and Couple Lessons

Event 360 | Argentine Tango, Tango Class | Class, Private and Couple Lessons | All | 1 Project

Deep Dive Guided Practica

Event 346 | Argentine Tango, Tango Class | Practica | All, Role swap | 1 Project

Edinburgh Beginners – Improver Tango Class + Practica at Dance Base

Event 324 | Argentine Tango | Class | Beginners, Improver, Role swap | 1 Project

All Level Tango Class Aberdeen

Event 321 | Tango Class | Class | All | 1 Project


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