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Ani is a fervent exponent of Improvisation, using it in live performance, utilising it for creative and devising purposes but equally as a tool for personal development. Improvisation, as a learnt discipline can be transformative. Breaking one out of habitual movement into new possibilities. Deepening awareness of where one can initiate movement and understanding the difference between contrived and authentic follow through.

It is fundamental in her explorations in finding her own movement language and it is unsurprising that Authentic Argentine Tango has captivated her imagination being a particularly stylised and technical, improvised dance form.

Get in touch with Ani to work with her on Improvisation, be it personal development work, choreographic or performance or just to experience a session of playful exploration.


Ani established the first regular professional dance class in Aberdeen, uses class as part of her own practice and has taught in numerous places including the Arts Educational Schools London, Kingston University London and Deeside School of Dance Banchory, as cover teacher. Extensively at City Moves Dance Space Aberdeen, The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance Dundee and regularly for Aberdeen University Dance Society.

Influenced by Classical Ballet, Limone and Cunningham techniques as well as release work and of course her own authentic playful movement style. Her approach to class is strengthening, fluid and technical, using the ground and standing, with set exercises designed organically to build in difficulty as it progresses.

“Ani brings her personality and creative spirit to class making it a relaxed and fun environment to express yourself and improve your skills. Loved dancing with Ani”  Angelica Pothou, Vice President of the AUDS committee.


Ani’s mentoring has focused on two key areas. How to move freely yet qualitatively, with integrity and depth, to develop anatomical awareness, expand technical ability and discover a fuller movement pallet. And with choreographic tools and direction, to expand possibilities through creative process, to hone and fine tune choreography and performance skills. And of course she caries her mentoring approach into all her teaching work.

As Guest Lecturer at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Ani mentored the senior years Choreographic Module. As freelance Artist she has assisted young dancers in securing professional training through mentoring audition pieces, helped medal winning Ice Skaters to expand their movement pallet and with Dancers, notably Kally Lloyd Jones, Artistic Director of Company Chordelia with thanks to the Scottish Arts Council. Worked with Fire Jugglers on moving whilst yielding and throwing fire with Fireniose, and professional devisors and actors needing to feel comfortable moving more and dancing. Her reach stretches to winning work with a Scottish Champion Pole Dancer and with those who profess to have two left feet, to boogie the night away with confidence.

Please do get in touch with Ani if you would like her support in or out of a dance studio with movement or dance skills and choreography or with where you’re at in your creative process and where you’d like to get to.

Jitterboy enters and celebrates the private world of a seven-year-old intrepid explorer, jester, warrior, rock icon and street dancer. It is pure, contagious boy energy, a place where physicality and imagination fuse inextricably.

It was presented at Video Dance in Greece, the Limousine Ball and the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen and at Dance Base’ Defining Moments in Edinburgh.

See the full video here.

A technical feat, this dance piece with interactive graphics and processed cello was performed at the Lemon Tree Aberdeen as part of City Moves ‘Fast + Dirty’ project in 2008. Each art form is informing the other in a continuous improvised call and response loop. The graphics are generated in real time using max/msp/jitter through audio analysis and tracking Ani’s movements, the music is also performed live using cello and max/msp.

As the title implies, this was a fast and dirty project. It was created in a day in the Lemon Tree Theatre.

See the full video here

Between 1989 – 1992 Ani was resident Choreographer for Merton Floats producing Marla, Salome and Decedance. Merton Floats at Oxford Universities Merton College, acts as a university-wide funding body and production company. From Shakespeare to new writing and film production, they facilitate student theatre with high production values, working out of the Oxford Playhouse, The Burton Studio and Michael Pilch Studio. Early entry into the world of theatre for many industry professionals, they are going strong having produced 7 works in the last year alone.

Writer Stephen Sharkey

Merton Floats

In 2005 Ani was engaged by Eden Court Theatre Inverness to Direct the East of Eden project. A dynamic site specific piece for 50 youths who took over the main atrium at the Eastgate Shopping Centre utilising every inch of the space, including balconies and escalators pulling the audience through the space down corridors and into corners to the delight of the very active onlookers. High octane energy was everywhere!

“And I am delighted to say that I see one of those participating youths all these years later at my Mixed Level Tango Class in Aberdeen each Tuesday evening” Ani

With thanks to Louise Marshall at Eden Court Theatre

Inroads on the destruction of the world by the march of consumerism. Where 2 divided communities, one of nature dwellers and one of consumers collide on a craggy rock face somewhere in a green space in Aberdeen’s Hilton Woods, to open the Alternative Festival. Complete with it’s own Mad Max style roadster this beautifully lit natural ampitheatre, late evening performance was a mass participation project for participants age 14 and over. Performing along side the collaborating Choreographers, Actors and Musicians, Inroads directed by Jonothan Campbell was shared in 1997

In 2000, after 2 years working as a solo Dancer Choreographer, Ani seized the opportunity to step out of the action and transpose processes Directing onto 2 very different dancers Jane Howie and Claire Pensac, in Duet. The intension was simply to discover what happens in relation, when there are 2. Simple, yet complex. Janet Smith kindly gave a day of her time to contribute to the process in the studio and the resultant work was seen at The Lemon Tree Aberdeen.

Duet went onto be Four a quartet, in residency at Dance Base Edinburgh, with thanks to Morag Deyes, OBE in 2005.

“fascinating and valuable experience” Roddy Phillips, Press and Journal

With kind support from the Scottish Arts Council and The Lemon Tree