Open Level Tango Class Edinburgh

Event 366 | Argentine Tango, Tango Class | Class | Advanced, Improver, Role swap | 1 Project


Argentine Tango, Tango Class Class
Thursday evenings 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Advanced, Improver, Role swap
Saint Martins Community Resource Centre (SMCRC), 232 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, Scotland

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An Authentic Argentine Tango Open Level Class that stretches from improver to advanced dancers (though beginners are welcome too, you might want to take a look at the Saturday Dance Base class). In a mutually supportive, inspiring and fun environment, no set level enables everyone to learn at their own pace. You can come with or without a partner and swap or don’t swap in a fluid manner as appropriate to the task in hand.

These unique classes offer a rare opportunity to get lots of one to one time as numbers are kept low. So you’ll benefit from Ani’s professional dancer teacher technical tips and experience, made bespoke for you. And she’ll check in regularly with you throughout the session to see how you are getting on. As dancing Tango well requires understanding it’s structures and moving with integrity this one to one hands on help is invaluable. With a plethora of information and encouragement in it’s application, you can explore all the nooks and crannies of new and old moves and phrases in-depth, to dance at your delicious very best, no matter what level of experience you have with confidence. Developing sound skills as you go along to make your Tango truly gorgeous. So if you are serious about dancing Tango qualitatively and delighting dancers of all levels on the social dance floor, then this is definitely the class for you. Come and share in this focused, friendly and inspirational learning space by booking your place in advance with Ani.

“…following what the class needs rather than a ridged scripted curriculum in a way that really works…” Hannah

“motivating and fun! It is great that there are more advanced dancers learning new moves in the same class, because then we can see the progression. We dream of one day, being able to dance like that. Ani, makes it seem achievable and enjoyable.” Maggie

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