Ani is a Dance Artist, Teacher and Dance Director, with a strong body of creative and educational work including Authentic Argentine Tango. Find out more about her here


Ani is currently in the early stages of devising a new work and continuing to teach her beloved Authentic Argentine Tango.

With roots in Classical Ballet’s discipline and training informing all she does, Ani has embraced release and improvisational dance techniques and worked cross media to express her own quirky accessible and unique language in choreographic work. She established Elbow Room Dance Company in 1999, which gained charitable status in 2002, touring surprising Dance Theatre work across the UK and showing video work Internationally. Culminating in a Tango Fusion Project in 2010, the beginning of a passionate relationship with Authentic Argentine Tango. A world in which strong technical ability, attention to detail, authenticity in intension to move qualitatively and improvisational skills collide, with intoxicating endless possibility as you express yourself in the moment. A place in which she feels very much at home.

Ani has taught, mentored and choreographed extensively working with all ages, from Community Groups to Guest Lecturer at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance to professional dancers. She has established her own Tango School which passionately advocates a fresh and new approach to teaching Authentic Argentine Tango in Scotland.

Ani is also, last but not least, a proud lone parent (see Jitterboy) and now grandmother of four!


Throughout Ani has collaborated to create. As Director, participating Choreographer or Dancer her aim always is to find the bespoke tools and processes, best fitting to enable that particular project to develop and flourish.

“I absolutely love collaborating. It is playful and joyous to come together with a shared intention, float and bounce ideas until a project takes on a life of it’s own. When it knows exactly what it needs and dictates it to you fiercely. We become it’s servants.” Ani

Collaborators and Mentors include

Gill Clarke, Levon Chillingarian OBE, Dance Live Aberdeen, Zion Arts Manchester, Gaby Agis, Janet Smith, The Tron Glasgow. Morag Deyes MBE, Haddo Operatic Society, Video Artist Margaret Williams, The Findhorn Foundation, Shona Reppe, Eden Court Inverness, Union Chapel London, Ben Twist, Nick Bone, Shona Powell OBE, The Traverse Edinburgh, Freddy Mercury, Kevan Allen, Frank McConell, Merton Floats Oxford University, The Lemon Tree Aberdeen, Benchtours Theatre Company, The Women’s Festival Aberdeen, The Alternative Festival Aberdeen

Funders/Sponsors include

Scottish Arts Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeen City Council, The Lemon Tree, Esmee Fairborn Foundation, Saint Sarkis Trust, Lisa Ullman Traeling Scholarship, North West Arts Board, Bonnie Bird Choreographic Fund, Dance Base Edinburgh, Dance House Glasgow, City Moves Aberdeen

On Tango

“Utterly absorbing, it is simply sublime!” Ani

Ani Tchakmakdjian Ballet Dancer

Ethos and Practice

Ongoing introspective searching enquiry leads to discovery and a necessity to reach out, connect and share. Through quality teaching, creative work and the sheer power of simply dancing. In all the work be it class, high level production projects, an informal showing, Tango classes, performances and cross media collaborations the aim is:

  • Integrity, authentic artistry, open minded exploration
  • Personal and shared development, open minded exploration
  • Inspire, share, celebrate, open minded exploration